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Summer Reading 2016

June 13 - August 15 


(July 18th-24th Week #6)

Coach Mauney’s next stop is on S. Railroad Avenue!

Coach is satisfying his sweet tooth and sampling all the delicious treats there. He will have to do extra workouts this week!

Find Coach Mauney each week and receive a summer reading bucks!

Coach Mauney

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Trending Books

Harry Potter
by: J K Rowling
ISBN: 0-590-35342-x

Me And My Dragon
by: David Biedrzycki

Fidgety Fish
by: Ruth Galloway

I love you mon
by: Maggie Testa

the day the goose got loose
by: reeve Lindbergh

Book Reviews

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Go Set a Watchman
by Harper Lee

Slow-paced and dripping with nostalgia, Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman teaches you how to kill your idols and find your own way, even when everyone you love tells you where to go, through the eyes of an adult Scout (now going by her given name Jean Louise), written in the classic style of To Kill a Mockingbird but taking a drastically different direction.

One True Loves Taylor Jenkins Reid

Heartbreakingly real. Real characters that had me conflicted up to the last page. A beautiful journey of self-discovery and what true love truly means.

Sugar Daddy Sawyer Bennett

I was disappointed with the first in a new series by one of my favorite authors. It had such a unique premise, but it just fell...flat. This book contains a difficult subject matter --rape and the aftermath--and is not for everyone. And being the first book in a trilogy, there is NO happy ending. Sela has been brutally raped at the young age of 16. Her memory is sketchy of that night, but she is able to put the bits and pieces together and discovers that one of her attackers is living the high life. She plans for revenge. And ends up falling in love with her attacker's business partner. Should she give up her murderous plans for a chance at true happiness, or will it be too late?

Just Fishing With Grandma
by Gina and Mercer Mayer

Loved the book because he spent time with his grandma fishing on lake pookatookee.

The Calamity Janes- Gina & Emma
by Sherryl Woods

As in the first “Calamity Jane” series novel written by Sherry Woods, this book is actually two books in one. And once again, all five of the Calamity Jane characters will appear throughout the novel to support one another. The novel is about true friendship and is based in the town they all grew up in; Winding River, Wyoming. In the 1st novel in this book entitled To Catch a Thief, Gina Petrillo, the owner of the famous Italian restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper West Side has just been served a court summons by the sexy attorney Rafe O’Donnell to appear at a deposition. It seems that her partner in the restaurant, Robert Rinaldi had embezzled money from their investors and stolen from their backers as well. All this while keeping Gina in the dark. Now it seems that Rafe is after her and believes her to be in on the plot. Gina leaves the restaurant in the hand of her trusted chef and manager and returns to Winding River for the big class reunion and Rafe O’Donnell follows her there. The sparks fly there in Winding River! Rafe discovers much more about Gina than he ever imagined and whole different world opens up for them both. In the 2nd novel in the book, entitled The Clamity Janes, Emma Roger, the attorney, work-alcoholic, divorced mother from Denver returns to Winding River for the reunion and finds herself attracted to the one man in town that she absolutely would never want to be involved with….a journalist, Ford Hamilton. She abhors all journalists! The fireworks fly between Emma and Ford and she and Ford cannot be around each other without the fireworks flying. When she takes a case of an abused wife who has murdered her husband and finds herself spending much time in Winding River she also finds herself more and more drawn to Ford. Can they work out a relationship??? Challenges in life and love abound in both novels!!!

One In A Million
by Kimberla Lawson Roby

this book is one in a million, its about a couple who have been married for ten years and they both come home everyday and talk about their day which really is not unusable for a marriage couple. Well this one day the couple came home and wanted to share their day and how its been so the husband told his wife he want a DIVORCE after ten years of been marriage and walk out not knowing what his wife wanted to say....about she had WON A MILLION $$$$.

The Theory Of Death
by Faye Kellerman

i usually read jonathan kellerman but finding out her books are just as good and mysterious some of the math langyage is hard to understand but you can understand what they were after

the ranger takes a bride
by Misty Beller

great book for a new writer...

So Much More Kim Holden

Kim Holden has become one of my favorite authors. Her writing is stellar and filled with such emotion. So Much More is about Seamus and Miranda, how their marriage fell apart, and how Seamus recovers from the devastating divorce. But it is about SO MUCH MORE. Miranda is evil incarnate...but her character arc was beautifully written and believable. Miranda is someone who is unable to love. Self-absorbed and cold, she marries Seamus for all the wrong reasons. She sees Seamus as a saint, good to the core. While Miranda knows exactly what she is. She just doesn't care. Until it is too late. Seamus loved Miranda with everything he had. But her selfishness destroyed that love. And now Miranda wants to take his three children away from him. He fights for his kids, but Miranda fights dirty. And he may just lose the only thing he cannot live without.

by Cornelia Funke

This is the final book in the series but it did not end like i was hoping it would. The story had so many twist and turns in it that is why i was confused as to why there is no fourth book.
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