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Summer Reading 2017

June 13 - August 1


(July 18th-24th Week #6)

Coach Mauney’s next stop is on S. Railroad Avenue!

Coach is satisfying his sweet tooth and sampling all the delicious treats there. He will have to do extra workouts this week!

Find Coach Mauney each week and receive a summer reading bucks!

Coach Mauney

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Welcome to this year's Reading Program! This year is all new, interactive and online! Summer Reading is for everyone –babies, kids, teens, and adults and signing up is free and easy! Click “Register" below to get started!

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Trending Books

Harry Potter
by: J K Rowling
ISBN: 0-590-35342-x

Me And My Dragon
by: David Biedrzycki

Fidgety Fish
by: Ruth Galloway

the day the goose got loose
by: reeve Lindbergh

I love you mon
by: Maggie Testa

Book Reviews

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snake river blizzard
by Johnny Fowler

great story line historical western...

Flamingo Diner
by Sherryl Woods

Emma Killian was forced to leave Washington and return to Winter Cove, Florida when her father had died unexpectedly. His car had been found in the lake and it looked as if he had committed suicide. She had never expected to be faced with such tragedy. Her family had owned and operated the Flamingo Diner in Winter Cove for years and everyone in the tight knit community loved them all. She had never expected to be coming back to the community to face something like this. Her family was falling apart. Her mother couldn’t accept what was happening in her life and her two brothers were falling apart. And suddenly they were faced with a mountain of debt and secrets that they didn’t know even existed. The only one around to help her was Matt Atkins, who had been a part of her life ever since she was a kid. Now he was the Winter Cove Police Chief. He had been in love with Emma ever since she was a teenager and even in the midst of this tragedy their love did begin to grow. This was a good book especially to tackle the difficult subject of suicide. Because I do enjoy romance novels, I was disappointed that Woods did not wrap up the relationship between Emma and Matt but rather left it to open-ended for me.

scandal in silver
by Sandra Chastain

loved loved this western historical romance, love to find more books by this author

An Unexpected Love
by Carre White

great series... wonderful historical turner

Anything for You (A Blue Herron Novel)
by Kristan Higgins Blue Heron Series

On again, off again; Connor O’Rourke has been in love with Jessica Dunn for years! He has made a success of his restaurant. She has made her way out of the trailer park and should feel confident by now. He is tired of the sneaky relationship she demands from him, never wanting others to know they have a relationship at all. Connor has made a big mistake; he has asked Jessica to marry him! Jessica’s first loyalty is to her disabled brother who hates Connor. She just wants things to go on as they always have been but Connor can’t take it anymore. He loves her too much and needs so much more. An intense, sensitive, great new addition to the Blue Herron series! Thank you Kristan Higgins; I can’t wait for the next novel!

Suddenly, Annie’s Father
by Sherryl Woods

This book, entitled Suddenly, Annie’s Father was written by Sherryl Woods. After a car accident that had left him disabled his rodeo circuit days were ended, Slade Sutton had taken a job at White Pines working for Harlan and Cody Adams. His wife had almost killed him in a car crash then divorced him when he could no longer win rodeo championships and had left him with their daughter Annie. The last thing Slade wanted on earth was to be needed by anyone. Annie was 10 and Slade had left her behind with his parents while he “settled in” at his job at White Pines. Now his parents were “dumping” her on him and he was desperate for help; any help! He would even take the help of the pesky Val Harding. Val had recently moved to the ranch too and had already taken an interest in Slade. He would have to watch his step to stay out of her snares. But Val had other ideas, she knew they were meant to be together! Another great romance by Woods!

Maze runner

Excellent book, had a hard time putting it down!

The Games
by James Patterson

Good story, but took too long to get to the action

Fifty Shades Freed
by E. L. James

This is part 3 of a series. Not as good as part 1 so far!

Sincerely, Carter
by Whitney Gracia Williams

A super, sweet romance in the New Adult Genre, where best friends, Ari and Carter take their life-long friendship to the next level. But when Ari has to make a decision to attend culinary school abroad, Carter has to make a decision that will break her heart.
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